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MAXPLUS Car Wrap Vinyl Basic Installation Guide

1.Dry Install


This is the proper installation process for skilled or experienced applicators who will apply the film to the substrates with compound curvatures. The film will be applied to the substrates directly without any preparation fluid or soap water.



Wash the car without any wax in advance. Clean the surface of the substrates with alcohol or proper solvent, where the film will be applied to.



Use the master pattern stencil to measure the part size. Cut around the film by an extra 10cm. Using tape or magnet could be helpful when fixing the film to the iron parts during the process.



Remove the liner carefully. Hold the film to make adjustment to the proper position to apply. Ensure that the glue is free of any dust or oil before applying. Choose the proper scraper to remove the air carefully from the middle to both sides with proper sequences. Avoid any wrinkles or creases while using the scraper. Choose a proper heat gun to heat the film to be thermoformable and more stretchable for some moderate compound curvatures. Avoid stretching the film too much, which will leave tension.

5. Molding


Reserve the proper width on the edge and cut gently with a sharp knife. Fold or insert the film behind or under the parts. The proper primer and edge sealer are recommended for applying the film to moderate compound curvatures and edge areas. Avoid the wrinkles when you stretch the film behind certain parts.Cutting the film where needed will help to release the tension.

6. Check


Leave the car still for 24 hours, and check all details along with the edges. Use a knife to perforate the air bubbles. Use extra edge sealer or heat gun to refix the peeled off edges.

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